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Marilyn Monroe posters portray a sexy blonde bombshell who does not seem to have a care in the world. But who was she really? People have been trying to figure that out for decades. Before she transformed into Marilyn Monroe the sex goddess, she was Norma Jean Masterson, a lonely young girl abandoned by her father and burdened by the pain of her mother's mental instability. Aching feelings of loneliness haunted her throughout her life as she became a product of the system, never feeling as though she belonged to anyone.

Some believe she rode on the coat tails of others. Some believe that she reached the heights of popularity on beauty alone. Still others believed her tremendous appeal came from her vulnerability and charm. She spent her whole life striving for love and acceptance; wouldn't she be pleased to know that forty years after her debut in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe posters and other memorabilia are still number one sellers.

Marilyn Monroe acted in twenty-nine films in sixteen years surviving highs and lows in a career that was cut short. Through her pursuit of stardom she finally found acceptance through her public. She once stated that she had never really belonged to anyone or anything until she felt the love of the fans.

Many people feel haunted by her legacy and compelled to get to know this actress long since she has passed. Marilyn Monroe posters, books, and other memorabilia allow us to get a brief glimpse into her world that left us with the nagging question; why did her life end the way it did?

Marilyn Monroe inherited her mother’s mental illness, and it affected many areas of her life, including her work. See Marilyn Monroe and Mental Illness for more information about this disturbing disease.

She grew up captivated by Jean Harlow and always dreamed of being a superstar. Little did she realize she would captivate the eyes of the entire world. Marilyn Monroe posters are synonymous with beauty, sensuality and effervescence. She is an inspiration to all who strive to overcome personal obstacles to achieve greatness.

Her popularity has never waned. Her vulnerability and innocence combined with her innate sensuality made her endearing to her fans. She was and still is considered the most famous woman of the 20th Century.

Ever wonder about Marilyn Monroe famous white dress she wore in the movie, The Seven Year Itch. Now your chance to read up on it.

Marilyn Monroe posters are an extremely hot commodity.Marilyn Monroe postersHave a look at all the Marilyn Monroe movies, her career in film, and a list of all films she starred in.

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"I didn’t have to put much thought into it. I mean, Bert Stern? Doing a Marilyn shoot? When is that ever going to come up? It’s really an honour." Lindsay Lohan



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Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood's most prized possession.

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."
Marilyn Monroe's Signature


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